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Positive About Mental Health

Positive About Mental Health is a branch of FAE.

Created to help raise mental health awareness - to provide teaching resources and support.

Our aim is to help create supportive workplace cultures, provide training and support to ensure that anyone suffering from poor mental health or emotional distress has access to and is aware of professional support channels available to them.

We are ... here to support Mental Health First Aider's.

Being the initial point of contact for a person suffering with poor mental health is challenging and can be daunting. Training, equipping and ongoing support is essential. 

We are ... here to create supportive workplace cultures.

Our Membership enables organisations to show their commitment to providing support for anyone suffering with poor mental health. Our exclusive resources and newsletter are designed to raise awareness, develop understanding and to ensure that support channels are clearly communicated to all staff members.

We are ... here to provide training and resources.

Continued research, reliable data and information is critical to understanding the ongoing challenges of poor mental health. Communication is key to providing support and develop understanding. 

Case Study:

We received feedback from a local company that had undergone Mental Health First Aid training with First Aid England. 

They contacted us to say thank you, and began to tell us about the difference it made.

They explained that a member of staff had been under performing in work and was due to have a disciplinary. He was arriving late for work, had a number of absences and he did not seem motivated anymore.

One of the Mental Health First Aider's thankfully due to their training spotted the signs of poor mental health and asked if he was okay. It turned out he was suffering from poor mental health and needed support. He had recently separated from his long term partner and had not seen his children for some time. He was struggling financially from his absences from work due to the stress and already had an existing underlying mental health condition.

He was referred for professional support and his Manager understood his situation and looked to help support him rather than discipline him. His health and performance over time have improved dramatically and his lateness has stopped. He later explained that he was feeling suicidal and that loosing his job would have been the last straw. He felt that he wouldn't have had anything left.

The company are actively supporting him with his mental health condition and care about his well-being - the support network in work has become a lifeline to him. He has also received help from the employee assistance program to help him recover from the financial impact of his absences and COVID.

Support Positive About Mental Health 

Poster designed exclusively for FAE by renowned pictorial artist Sonia Nosheen who works for the NHS by day and creates art for healthcare, improvement and kindness by night. The poster was created to support the Mental Health January Coffee Morning.