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Positive About Mental Health Annual Membership
Positive About Mental Health Annual Membership
Positive About Mental Health Annual Membership
Positive About Mental Health Annual Membership

Positive About Mental Health Annual Membership

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Professional membership is designed to display your commitment to upholding the Thriving at Work Report 2017 mental health standards, promoting a positive workplace culture and providing adequate training and resources to support mental health in the workplace.

The PAMH standards are designed to demonstrate that you are committed to creating a positive work culture and provide support for people suffering from poor mental health or emotional distress in the workplace. 

Mental health first aid training is essential but a framework, standards, communication and resources are also needed to effectively manage mental health first aid in the workplace.

Recent HSE studies have shown the true costs of not looking after staff welfare and the negative impact on the business.

Our Membership programme is the first step in accessing the right information, training and guidance, and showing staff and clients you are committed to Positive About Mental Health excellence!

Positive About Mental Health can be displayed to communicate to staff, customers and suppliers that as a company or organisation you are championing mental health awareness. 

Positive About Mental Health provides information, resources and guidance to workplace employees/companies to prevent and help manage mental health issues at work. 

We will conduct an audit to see how you are working towards meeting the standards and will provide a report on the outcome highlighting areas for improvement. We offer a framework, standards, forms and support resources to help you implement a successful mental health support service in the workplace. Once you are able to meet all the standards you can achieve excellence which will provide you with a special display logo and presentation plaque. 

Our aim is to promote positive mental health workplace cultures in the UK, reduce stigma, raise awareness and provide support for people suffering from poor mental health.

Professional Membership Fees:

Annual Cost: £115

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Annual Membership includes: 

  • Instant downloadable membership display Logo and number for all your company website and admin. 
  • Audit and report.
  • Listing on the professional membership register.
  • Support pack and documents. 
  • Annual Certificate confirming membership (valid for 1 year)
  • Quarterly Newsletter to keep you updated on top tips from our consultant for managing mental health at work.
  • Annual review and report.