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HSBP Compliance Award (Health and Safety Best Practice)

HSBP Compliance Award (Health and Safety Best Practice)

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The Health and Safety Best Practice Award (HSBP) is for Businesses and Organisations to demonstrate compliance and best practice in Health and Safety Management to the highest standards.

The Award gives Customers, Staff and Suppliers confidence that as a business, you are committed to following best practice in Health and Safety Management.

These standards also provide a framework towards achieving elements of OHSAS 180001 principles, when fully compliant to HSBP. 

The Award consists of 5 strategic stages:

  1. Standards 
  2. Framework
  3. Audit
  4. Report 
  5. Award 

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  • Improves professional image and credibility with, regulators, customers, clients and the public.
  • Comprehensive company risk management.
  • Ensures health and safety of employees, and visitors.
  • Raises legislative awareness, compliance and standards.
  • Identifies workplace hazards to effectively reduce incident rates.
  • Improves record keeping, simplifying incident investigations.

The Standards/Framework pack is designed to support and enable Clients to implement the principles and best practices in preparation for the audit and inspection.

A detailed report will be generated following the Audit highlighting compliance and non/compliance with guidance notes, to measure your business adherence to current H&S standards.

The Award is graded and based on a percentage pass rate. Provided that the pass grade standards are met a Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze certificate and centre plaque with your Centre details to display will be awarded.


The HSBP Award cost £1,100 (plus VAT) includes: Standards/Framework, Audit/Inspection, Report, and Award (including Certificate and Display Plaque).

To ensure that businesses keep up to date with current legislation and continue to maintain standards renewal is required every 3 years.