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Individual Military Kit
Individual Military Kit

Individual Military Kit

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Ninety percent of combat/conflict wound fatalities die on the battlefield before reaching a medical treatment facility. This fact of war emphasises the need for continued improvement in Pre-hospital combat care. In the combat setting, mitigating factors such as darkness, hostile fire, resource limitations, prolonged evacuation times, unique battlefield casualty transportation issues, command and tactical decisions affecting healthcare, hostile environments, and provider experience levels, pose constraints different from the routine hospital emergency department or ambulance services.

These differences are profound, and must be carefully reviewed when trauma management strategies are modified for combat/conflict application. Reliance Medical is at the forefront of product design in line with the current clinical thinking and evidence.

Contents effectively treat:

  • Airway obstruction.
  • Open chest wounds.
  • Catastrophic bleeding.
  • Skeletal injuries.
  • Hypothermia.

2 Airway, Guedel 2 Sizes
1 Airway, Nasopharnygeal 2 Sizes
2 Bandage, Triangular 90cm x 127cm
1 Celox Haemostatic Gauze Roll 10ft
1 Chest Seal
1 Dressing, TraumaFix Military 20cm x 19cm
1 EuroSplint, 11cm x 90cm
1 Gauze Roll, Kerlix 11.4cm x 3.7m
2 Gloves, Pairs
1 Lubricating Jelly, 5g Sachet
1 Survival Blanket, Blizzard
1 Tape, Zinc Oxide
1 Tourniquet, Combat Application
1 Universal Shears