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Motokit Alcohol Test
Motokit Alcohol Test

Motokit Alcohol Test

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Single-Use Breathalyser.
Accurate, quick and easy to use.
Ideal for the morning after a night out.
Includes common Europe and UK and Irish drink drive limits.

Contains 2 tests.


The Motokit® Single Use Alcohol Test is designed to measure breath alcohol concentration from a breath sample. The Motokit Alcohol Test detects blood alcohol concentration of 0.2‰*, i.e. breath alcohol concentration of 0.1 mg/l and over.

The unique indicators on the breathalyser represent the most common limits in Europe and the United Kingdom, including the new Scottish lower limit. They’re easy to use and show you your alcohol level within 4 minutes.

With around 15% of road traffic accidents involving a drunk driver, having easy access to a breathalyser helps to ensure you are safe to drive.