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Schools - AED Package
Schools - AED Package
Schools - AED Package
Schools - AED Package
Schools - AED Package
Schools - AED Package

Schools - AED Package

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Specifically created for a school setting, this fantastic package includes:

•           1 x iPAD SP1 AED (Fully Automatic)

•           2 x Electrode Pads

•           1 x Wall Bracket

•           1 x Carry case

•           1 x AED Location Sign

•           1 x AED Location Sign Supporting Poster

•           1 x AED Emergency Response Kit

 iPAD SP1 AED (Fully Automatic)

Endorsed by the British Heart Foundation Part Funding Program, this AED is ideal for schools due to its innovative Adult/Paediatric switch which automatically alters the shock strength without having to change electrode pads (Adult - 150 joules, Paediatric - 50 joules). The switch is housed under a safety cover to prevent accidental switching.

As a Fully Automatic AED, iPAD SP1 will read a casualty’s heart rhythm; if they have a shockable rhythm the AED will instruct the rescuer to stand back and will proceed to automatically shock the casualty if required. This means it is easy for anyone to use, even if they have not been trained.

Usually ships within 5-7 days.

Additional Features

The iPAD SP1 AED also features:

•           Voice prompts and flashing indicators guide the user through CPR and defibrillation, with built in Ambient Noise Detection (auto volume adjusting up to 90db) and Metronome (this feature can also be turned off if required).

•           Automatically senses when pads are due to expire of when connection has been lost and alerts the user.

•           Built in CPR Sensor to encourage responder to continue/perform CPR.

•           Durable device with an IP Rating of 55. Durable device with an IP Rating of 55.

•           Electrode Pad Life of 3 years from date of manufacture

•           Can be programmed if CPR protocols are altered.

•            7 Years Warranty

AED Emergency Response Kit

This kit has been created to contain everything required to help a rescuer to administer the required shocks as soon as possible when a casualty collapses. This should be kept alongside the AED at all times. The kit includes:

•           1 x CPR Pocket Mask

•           1 x Pair of Medium Gloves

•           1 x Face Cloth/Flannel

•           1 x Disposable Razor

•           1 x Pair of Scissors

iPAD SP1 AED Wall Bracket

Ideal for storage when there isn’t a requirement for security – for example if the AED is stored in an office or reception area of a school – this wall bracket can be attached to a wall for quick, easy access to the defibrillator.

AED Location Sign and Supporting Poster

Including a sign to show the location of an AED and a supporting poster which provides basic information on how to use an AED, with the aim to give the rescuer greater confidence that they will be able to use it effectively.