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Special Edition Let's Talk About Mental Health Poster

Special Edition Let's Talk About Mental Health Poster

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Special edition poster exclusively designed for First Aid England by renowned pictorial artist Sonia Nosheen for the January Coffee Morning.

  • Unlimited re-use (e Download version)
  • High quality image
  • Effective Visual Management

Sonia works for the NHS during the day and is a pictorial artist by night, creating artwork for healthcare, improvement and kindness.

Positive About Mental Health is a non-profit charity registered in England that provides information, resources and guidance to workplace employees/companies to prevent and help manage mental health issues at work. 

Our aim is to promote positive mental health workplace cultures in the UK. 

You can make a difference! The cake morning initiative is to start a conversation - raise awareness, reduce stigma, introduce mental health first aider's to staff or make staff aware of mental health support and resources available to them in the workplace. 

To take part is easy - and we will have resources available to help support you in organising the event . This is an opportunity after a very difficult year for staff to open up and recognise the support around them when they need it most.

The event can work really well remotely (e.g Zoom) and is a great way of checking in on each-other.

To download this poster add to cart and simply checkout - your ready to send it to staff. 

Also available in the option click down for professional print version. Free delivery for all printed posters.

How to take part:

1. Choose dates best for your organisation during January.
2. Let staff know about the event. Only invite staff from within your organisation.

3. Order some biscuits or cakes, tea and coffee for the event. 
4. Download posters and free resources, puzzles, games (optional). 

On the day:

1. Put up information posters and let staff know about support, mental health first aid available.
2. Keep a safe social distance - follow current government guidelines, be sensible.
3. Enjoy tea, coffee and cakes or biscuits - have a chat and check in on each other. The aim is to start a conversation about mental health and let staff know support is available.

More support and information will be available early January.
Frequently asked questions:
Q. Are you taking donations?
A. Yes! Donations can be made to the not for profit Charity Positive About Mental Health or you could join as a member and receive membership benefits. More information is available here.
Q. Why is the theme stars, colours and clouds?
A. The theme of the event is stars, colours and clouds. The stars represent kindness, colours the broad spectrum of emotions and feelings we experience and the clouds represent awareness of poor mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety and stress.
Q. Can the event be done remotely?
A. Yes! Of course the event will work great remotely and is a great way to check in on each other.
Q. What about COVID restrictions?
A. Good question. Staying safe and well is the highest priority. The event can be undertaken safely observing the government guidelines or preferably remotely. Please maintain social distancing, wear a 3 ply mask and wash and sanitise hands. Cakes can be individually wrapped and people can use their own mug or cup. The event is even more critical during COVID due to the psychological impact. Please be sensible and take care to observe the government guidelines whilst taking part.