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The Health And Safety Toolbox, HSG268

The Health And Safety Toolbox, HSG268

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Packed with simple, straightforward advice, this book covers the most common workplace hazards. It shows how most small to medium-sized businesses can put measures in place to control the risks.

Easy to use, it will help you comply with the law and prevent workplace accidents and ill health. It is aimed at those starting up or running a small business, or those who have been appointed as a safety representative in a larger organisation, or want additional advice on how to control workplace hazards.

Whatever line of work you are in, it will help you run a safe and healthy workplace.

It replaces Essentials of health and safety at work and builds on that book's success by including:

  • case studies showing how accidents and cases of ill health have occurred, with helpful tips on how to avoid similar things happening in the future

  • simplified advice on key duties to make it easier for you to comply with the law and run your business

  • helpful lists of 'dos and don'ts' for key hazards which summarise the actions you need to take

  • updates on legal changes

  • detailed lists of useful websites and sources of advice